CITB managers and professionals HS&E test

Revising for your HS&E test has never been easier...

Test your knowledge and revise for the CITB HS&E test - wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

CITB managers and professionals HS&E test

CITB managers and professionals HS&E test Support and FAQ

So whether you are an manager or professional, simply download the app to your smart phone.

Find out what you know...and what you need to work home, on your lunch break or even on the move.

You will also get all the help you need, to be as ready as you can, for your test day.

Once you download the App, you will be able to review all the knowledge based questions and answers and check any of the questions within the manager's test or in any of the twelve specialist tests straightaway.

You can choose specific questions from individual categories or bookmark questions presented during the test that you can review afterwards.

You can use the app to track your progress and get a full breakdown of your progress by category or time - and see how you are improving.

There is also a useful section to help you in your preparation for the case studies which includes the film “Setting out”.

To make life easier you can search, and find, the location of your most convenient HS&E test centre.

Revise for your HS&E test - download the App onto your smartphone or tablet today.

*Note that the official case study questions are not on general release.

CITB managers and professionals HS&E test Support and FAQ