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Clients come to Imagitech because of our grasp of the fundamental business issues confronting contemporary companies. We are able to to get straight to the heart of the issues without having to climb a learning curve, so our clients benefit from a combination of informed analysis and speed of delivery which other developers struggle to emulate.

Clients also value our collaborative working style and our commitment to addressing their specific concerns, rather than applying formulaic techniques to produce a generic solution.

The Imagitech client list continues to grow as we evolve into a leading innovative software & multimedia application provider. This is a small extract from our extensive client list.

Software developed by Imagitech is currently sold by and in use at:

  • AA Drivetech
  • Britannia
  • Air Transat
  • Aloha Airlines
  • Monarch
  • Veeco
  • TES Aviation Group
  • University of Oxford
  • IQE Europe
  • IQE RF
  • QinetiQ Ltd
  • Sheffield University
  • University of Wales College of Bangor
  • University of Paisley
  • CNRS Bellevue
  • Star Refrigeration
  • Millions of learner drivers & training organisations in the UK
  • Millions of individuals across the world
  • Zenith Provecta
  • Focus Multimedia
  • Prometric Ireland
  • Prometric UK
  • Optical Reference Systems
  • Radio-Tech UK
  • EFPAC Ltd
  • ING Car Lease
  • Fleetcraft
  • Xerox
  • KLM Cityhopper
  • Perrington Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Topscore cc
  • Aeromexico
  • Willis Lease Finance
  • IcelandAir
  • PrestonSkirrow
  • Drive4Safety

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