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Speed Sense

Your interactive guide to safe driving

Developed in conjunction with road safety professionals, Speed Sense is a powerful training aid designed to educate motorists and cut road traffic casualties.

Excessive or inappropriate speed is a major factor in road traffic collisions

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As a road user, it is important that you are able to recognise the speed limit, but even more importantly that you can choose an appropriate speed for the conditions of the road.

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Speed Sense will help you understand and explore the reasons why people exceed speed limits, which will in turn help to identify your weaknesses and make you a safer driver.

Available on PC DVD-ROM, the product covers the topics prescribed in the National Model for Speed Awareness Courses. This effective training tool takes users through the concept of “COAST” (Concentration, Observation, Anticipation, Space and Time).

Through videos and interactive exercises, Speed Sense illustrates to motorists how they can change their driving habits for the better and become safer, more responsible road users.

Speed Sense - Interactive guide to safe driving

Speed Sense is ideal for:

  • Speed Awareness Courses
  • Community Speed Watch
  • Business Drivers
  • Pre-Driver Training
  • Road Safety Education Programmes
  • Pass Plus Scheme
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Click here for further information, and to purchase Speed Sense online.

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