25 years in business!

It is with great pleasure that Imagitech announce reaching the milestone of "25 years in business".

Imagitech celebrates 25 years in business

We provide access to expertise and software solutions for our clients and customers – and over the years have done so consistently in a rapidly evolving field. Our team, through hard work and dedication has always provided quality products, rapid support and technical assistance to an excellent standard.

25 years is a long time in the IT world – and we have seen many changes and met many challenges in that time. 2020, in particular, has proven that although we have no immunity to the issues an ever-changing world presents us with, Imagitech is a robust company and dependable partner, one that is able to drive forward, survive and succeed, even when times are tough.

We would like to thank our customers, our partners, our suppliers and especially our team, for their roles in Imagitech’s ongoing success.

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New range of revision products launched

Today CITB launches the 2019 version of the revision digital products for CSCS candidates. The new products are available for iOS, Android and Windows PCs (on DVD ROMs and as downloads). This update includes the addition of a new question style, additional learning content and a revision of the user interface all aimed at making the products even simpler to use, and the revision more effective.

CITB HS&E test app updates, iOS, Android, and Windows PC, for May 2019

Dr Mike Bews said: “We have been helping CITB deliver their digital revision products for many years. With the addition of a 5th style, many new questions and extra learning content, this latest release will help candidates revise efficiently and quickly for their tests. We are very pleased to have delivered this latest set of products on time and within budget – as we did in all previous years. This is testimony to the quality and attention to detail that Imagitech brings to the table, on any development project.”

The new products for Operatives and Specialists, and for Managers and Professionals are available as iOS apps, Android apps, Windows PC downloads and as Windows PC DVD ROMs.

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Imagitech becomes ISO 27001 certificated

Following a short period of formalising our existing data protection policies and measures to safeguard our business and customer data, Imagitech achieved ISO 27001 certification in March 2019. This new standard sits alongside the Cyber Essentials and ISO 9001 certification already in place at Imagitech.

ISO 27001 certification, in addition to the Cyber Essentials and ISO 9001 certification

Dr Gerhard Manogg said: “Achieving ISO 27001 certification was a big step for Imagitech. We suspected that the working practices and policies we had been maintaining for many years were equivalent to the requirements for ISO 27001 certification, but to have it officially recognised means a lot to the entire team. This additional recognition confirms our uncompromising commitment to quality and customer care.”

The new certification offers additional peace of mind to our customers, partners and end users.

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LGV, PCV and CPC training

Over the past 24 months Imagitech has invested heavily in the development of training tools designed to assist learners working towards professional LGV and PCV licences prepare for their theory and CPC Module 2 tests.

Imagitech's training tools contain all the official DVSA learning material. This is complemented by learning material unrivalled in quality and depth for the CPC Module 2 test as well as for Hazard Perception.

CPC Module 2, DTS Anytime for LGV & PCV

This fantastic content is available via Imagitech's apps under the brand "The Complete" (see also www.learn2app.co.uk). We offer dedicated theory apps for LGV and PCV theory, an app specifically designed to help candidates prepare for the CPC Module 2 test, and an app offering access to hundreds of hazard perception clips. Within iOS these are also combined to create a bundle offering significant cost savings to the end user.

In addition to the apps that same outstanding training content has been made available to training organisations and trainees via the online training resource DTS Anytime (see also www.dtsanytime.co.uk). This system is based on Imagitech's Fast Track® technology and supported by Imagitech's dedicated support team. It complements the training content with sophisticated trainee management and reporting facilities. Together with our long-term partners Focus Multimedia the system is now in use by the leading training organisations in the UK.

Dr Mike Bews, technical director, said: "This success shows once more what can be achieved when we combine outstanding content with a robust and user friendly delivery system - be that the apps or online via our Fast Track® technology underlying DTS Anytime. Teaming up with Focus Multimedia has allowed us to harness the potential in this marketplace by concentrating each on our core competencies - technical for Imagitech, marketing for Focus Multimedia. We see this success as a blue-print to future collaborations with our existing and new partners..."

Imagitech is currently looking to expand the range of training material that can be made available using the online training management and delivery systems as well as dedicated apps.

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Imagitech Fast Track® and Learn2®

Imagitech Fast Track® and Learn2® technology has now been on the market for well over 20 years. The approach forms the building blocks for many products designed to help Imagitech's customers prepare for essential and popular tests - including learner drivers across several countries and candidates for the Construction Skills Health and Safety exams.

Some of the Learner Driving related products we offer, online, mobile apps (iOS & Android), and DVD for both computer and DVD player

Imagitech Fast Track® and Learn2® is now available on several platforms:

  • Online
  • Apps - for iOS and Android
  • Applications - Windows PC on disc and as downloads

The ongoing success of Imagitech's software is testimony of the uncompromising focus on quality and customer needs together with world class end user support. Well-known brands supported by Imagitech's systems include Driving Test Success, The Complete Driving Test, DTT RSA, Topscore® and CITB.

Dr Gerhard Manogg said: "When we set out to produce our technologies Imagitech Fast Track® and Learn2® we never dreamed they would perform as well as they have, or would cover as many markets and subject areas over such a long period of time. This success is a credit to the developers of the system, who produced a product that is second to none in terms of robustness, reliability and user friendliness. We work very closely with our partners who help us to market and distribute our products, and to ensure that the content and the functionality of the software is always the best available on the market."

Imagitech are actively working to expand the content areas that the technology is applied to, both with existing partners and new.

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Additional question types

As part of the annual re-release of CITB's revision apps Imagitech has implemented additional question types into the Imagitech Fast Track® and Learn2® technology.

The available question types include drag and drop of text or imagery in addition to the more classic multiple-choice question type. All questions can optionally be delivered with multi-lingual voice overs and additional media clips, making Imagitech software ideal for the creation of highly interactive training and exam practice material.

Drag and drop of text or imagery in addition to a 'hot-area' question type

Dr Mike Bews oversaw the development and implementation of these new features and said: "The new questions types represented a real challenge in terms of their implementation: The user interaction had to be intuitive and user friendly - and work across all platforms taking into account touch screens and mouse driven interactions. We are extremely pleased with how the user experience turned out. This has been made possible through the close collaboration of our software engineers working across the platforms and graphic user interface design specialists."

Imagitech continues to look for new opportunities in exploiting these additional question types and is actively seeking new partners for the development of additional learning material.

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Multi-platform content management and reader

Imagitech has recently developed and launched a new content management and distribution system coupled with content readers targeting many platforms. This technology now facilitates the dissemination of CITB's HS&E Publications.

Imagitech's solution is used to access to the main publications as managed by CITB and ensures that all subscribers can not only search and navigate the material easily, but also that any updates to the materials are automatically made available to all subscribers.

Multi-platform DRM enabled publication reader

The system consists of a secure content management server to control access to the content, coupled with custom written reader apps available for several platforms: iOS and Android devices, as well as Mac and Windows computers.

End users simply register their subscriptions by entering their account details into the app or application of their choice - and everything else is taken care of. Dr Mike Bews said: "We are very pleased to see that this new system has been accepted very quickly by the users. The development was completed within a tight time-schedule and was available across all platforms within budget. The commercial success of the content management system is a credit to our development team as well as our uncompromising focus on quality and design. This focus sets us apart in the market and ensures that all our products are successful in the short and long term."

Imagitech has developed the technology completely in-house and now continues to work with its existing partners to expand the portfolio of publications supported by the system. In parallel Imagitech is looking for new partners to facilitate the dissemination of further publications.

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Imagitech's product portfolio expands

Over the past few years Imagitech's product portfolio has expanded dramatically. We now offer specialist applications across several platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, as well as secure web applications for training and assessment purposes.

Due to the wide range of specialist skills available within Imagitech, our products cater for all requirements: Secure online access to data and updates for apps and applications, standalone software for all platforms, integrated systems designed to exchange data securely with third party systems, and web based systems accessed via standard web browsers.

This breadth of knowledge is put at the disposal of our clients and end users, providing secure and user-friendly products for a large variety of purposes.

Dr Gerhard Manogg said: "The strength of Imagitech lies in being able to combine many specialist skills under one roof - technical, graphical as well as media handling and editing. Whilst we offer such a broad set of skills we remain a small, nimble and flexible organisation. In this way we ensure that the needs of our clients and end-users are always prioritised by developing novel solutions, to tight deadlines and limited budgets."

Imagitech always looks for long term mutually beneficial collaborations with new partners.

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