Imagitech has been developing tailor-made and optimised solutions to our customers' specific needs since 1995.

Our track record illustrates our approach: Personalised and detailed assessment of needs followed by a commercial proposal, detailed specification and the realisation of an ideal solution. Over time, we have expanded our client base from South Wales to include the whole of the UK, Australia, Ireland and South Africa, with a rapidly growing installed user-base for our software, numbering in the millions.

Our growth continues to attract new customers in locations around the globe and all of our products have been designed in collaboration with our customers with both specific and general needs in mind. Continued feedback and a high level of attention to detail has resulted in robust and powerful software designed to fit the needs of the user and offering help in a variety of contexts.

Folded world map ©Mathieu Brg - 2011

Our teams have grown steadily through the addition of first class staff, cherry-picked from local Universities and industry. At Imagitech, we operate a culture of idea sharing and pooling of expertise, which you, as our customer, can take advantage of in the search for your ideal solution.

Our commitment to providing innovative software solutions that offer value for money has given us the opportunity to thrive in a competitive market. We are based in a dynamic environment and are able to call on the expertise from partner organisations in both the private and public sectors when required. Together with our customer-focussed approach, this privileged position has given us the opportunity to develop novel and relevant products and to attract and retain high quality staff.