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Learner drivers in South Africa can prepare for their K53 Learner's and Driver's tests using the product "K53 Test Success" designed for mobile devices as well as the PC. Use of digital revision material has become ever more important in South Africa due to the roll out of computer based assessments.

"K53 Test Success" is published by Imagitech in conjunction with Topscore CC as apps for mobile devices running Android and iOS. It is also available for Windows PCs as download and on PC CD ROMs in South Africa.

The underlying technology is based on Imagitech Fast Track® as developed by Imagitech. The content is an amalgamation of training material provided by local specialists, and Imagitech's in-house expertise. It is unrivalled in its breadth and depth.

Toscore k53 Test Success, CD-ROM and download, iOS and Android mobile apps (iPhone and iPad). Learner driver software for the South African market.

The feedback in relation to the apps as taken from the app stores is consistently positive (average rating is 4.49 stars out of 5) with the following being taken directly from the stores:

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